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Melinda In 'Storm' under the cut (spoilers of course)

Well lots of Melinda last night, *sighs happily* I can't complain at all. I loved her every minute. Her and Olivia I always love to see together especially when they are in the same room with each other. I loved how Cragen used her first name he's now the third person to do that.(I've been counting how many people so far have done that) I hope that continues more during this season. Melinda even got to do some police work (talk to the little girl) with Olivia I love that scene a lot and Melinda did great with talking the little girl especially for a first timer. Now I know that she'd be a great detective.

As for Melinda's other loved them too. So what all of you Warner's fans think of her scenes? love them, hate them?

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